Reiki Master Teacher

To become a Reiki Master Teacher, will be the final phase of Reiki Training to be undertaken if you wish to teach and attune others to Reiki.

I believe becoming a Reiki Master requires a strong commitment to the practice of Reiki, for me by this stage you will have embodied the Reiki Principles and will be ready to embark on to the deeper journey of supporting and teaching others.

Teacher Training will be time spent with me on a one to one basis to be arranged between us.

You Will Also Be Taught:

  • How to pass Attunements safely
  • How to prepare a comfortable teaching space
  • Sensitive means of communication when teaching others
  • What to include in Teaching Materials
  • Techniques to keep yourself flowing freely and to refresh each day

Further Information

Reiki Master Teacher is the final stage in your Reiki Training and you should now be living your life happily with Reiki principles.You can find out further information on the final stage of training by contacting me directly.