First Degree Reiki

Reiki I (First Degree Reiki) is the first stage into your journey with Reiki Healing Energy.

You will receive four attunements over the weekend as part of your initiation into Reiki, these will each last approximately 10 minutes each as you remain seated in a comfortable and nurturing space.

This initiation will enable you to connect with the Universal Life Force of Reiki and enable the healing energy to flow through you.

The attunement is the highest form of healing you can receive with Reiki as the Master Symbol is included during the initiation ceremony.

First Degree Reiki enables you to have Reiki in your hands to increase your vibration, self heal and to share Reiki with family, friends and animals. You wil also be taught how to Reiki food and water to optimise the nutritional value.

Within the two day workshop, we will discuss the origins and history of Reiki based on Usui Shiki Ryoho System of Natural Healing.

You will be taught the hand positions for sharing Reiki with another during a treatment and the hand positions you will use for your self-healing practice. There will be plenty of time allotted to sharing Reiki with each other within an informal learning environment to increase your confidence and enhance your flow of energy.

The weekend will be a safe and respectful environment to explore deeper aspects of yourself and therefore moving towards a richer and more fulfilling way of life. You will learn how to better support yourself and others.

You Will Also Be Taught:

  • The importance of boundaries
  • Safe and sensitive means of communication
  • The nature of intention
  • Self protection to manage your increased vibration
  • Techniques to keep yourself flowing freely and to refresh each day
  • We are all vibrating at a particular frequency and the higher our vibration determines the greater abundance we experience, on many levels
  • You will be supported as your intuition develops and this support will be ongoing subsequent to the training developmental weekend workshops

Having Reiki in your life will promote a deeper connection with yourself and others. The dynamics in relationships will naturally change and you will most likely notice an increase in positive synchronicity in your life.

You will experience a deeper sense of peace, contentment and serenity alongside powerful physical and emotional balancing once attuned to Reiki. You will remain connected to Reiki throughout the duration of this lifesime and arguably beyond. As with any practice the more you connect with Reiki Energy, the more the flow will deepen alongside your option to disconnect by choice in the unlikely event of this lifestyle not suiting you.

At the close of the weekend you will receive a certificate of attendance stating you are attuned and have completed the training relevant to First Degree Reiki and I will be keen for you to wait for a minimum of 6 months from receiving these attunements before considering Second Degree Reiki. This simply supports your safe development and ethical practice.

Upcoming Workshops

The dates for my next Reiki I workshops are as follows.

  • February  – Saturday 17th & Sunday 18th 2018
  • March – Saturday 17th & Sunday 18th
  • June – Saturday 15th & Sunday 16th
  • September – Saturday 22nd Sunday 23rd
  • November – Saturday 17th and Sunday 18th
  • January 2019 – Saturday 19th & Sunday 20th

The groups are kept to a maximum of four people. To register your place please fill out the form on this page or contact me directly. You can either choose to pay in full or leave a deposit of £75 to secure your booking via bank transfer, cheque or PayPal.

The total cost of the certificated weekend workshop will be £145.


First Degree Reiki Workshop



Further Information

First Degree Reiki is for anybody interested in personal development, healing and rebalancing. This workshop is also the initial stage towards professional practice working with Reiki Healing. You can find out further information along with confirmed course dates and information by contacting me directly.