Reiki Workshops, Attunements and Training


I am a qualified and dedicated Reiki Master who has received continual excellent training in the Usui Shiki Ryoho System of Natural Healing.

I began my formal training in Reiki 2003 and progressed through each level, both personally and professionally until I was attuned to be a Reiki Master in 2007.

For me, Reiki is a lifestyle, a belief system and a way in which I am able to feel supported in my daily life.

Becoming attuned to Reiki was totally transformative for me and my life and it is likely that this will be your experience.

During my years as a Reiki Master Teacher I have had the pleasure and privilege of witnessing many lives enhanced, empowered and transformed as people are attuned to Reiki, as they then receive greater abundance, inner peace and a deeper way of experiencing life overall.

It is an honour for me to have the privilege as a Reiki Master Teacher to attune others and teach you how to incorporate Reiki into your own life, whether this be for personal benefits or throughout your professional development. 

I believe it is important to receive the best training possible as you move through your journey with Reiki so I am more than happy for us to talk before you decide to book on any workshop.

I offer ongoing support as your Reiki Master subsequent to any workshops so it is desirable for us to have a good working relationship between us.

About Reiki Training Workshops 

As your vibration is increased during and subsequent to the attunements, your conscious awareness will naturally be enhanced.   The attunement process supports the connection between you and Reiki, universal life force energy, alongside being the highest form of Reiki Healing for you, as the master symbol is incorporated into the initiation ceremony.

The initiation ceremony is a sacred time for you to receive the attunement and enjoy the peaceful, calming and powerful experience,  you will then be gifted with the ability to self-heal and heal others with Reiki.

You will be presented with a certificate upon completion of the weekend workshop and will have experienced a development in yourself due to the conversations untertaken during the workshop time.

There are three levels to Reiki Training, First Degree to attune you to Reiki for your personal use with family and friends.

Second Degree, to teach you the Reiki symbols to support distance healing and support you moving into professional practice if you choose.

Third Degree to further deepen your Reiki practice and support others as they transition beyond these physical realms.

Reiki Master Teachings will be tailored to your unique training to date and therefore to be dicussed upon enquiry.

I will teach you and support you through each aspect of Reiki and will be available to answer any questions you may have in between workshops.

Please see each of the Reiki training pages below to learn more about the progress and development of Reiki practice and please do make contact for a telephone conversation without obligation to ascertain if we will work together.

First Degree Reiki

For anybody looking to explore the true power and healing process of Reiki. Ideal for the individual as well as people looking to become professionals.

Second Degree Reiki

For those who have completed Reiki I and are looking for a deeper attunement and knowledge of Reiki symbols and practises.

Third Degree Reiki

For the professional and individuals seeking to complete their Reiki Development and progress to becoming a Reiki Master Teacher.

The Benefits To Becoming Attuned to Reiki:

  • The highest form of healing within the system of Reiki
  • Raise your consciousness and vibration to enhance your life
  • Learning about the history of Reiki within the Usui System of Healing
  • Being able to share Reiki with friends and loved ones, animals, food and water
  • Learn a new profession as you develop through the different stages of Reiki

“I studied First Degree Reiki with Vicky in May 2015. I was initially very nervous, but soon put at ease by the warmth and generosity of Vicky and the wonderful atmosphere of the Reiki weekend. Vicky created a safe and supported space for each of us to explore Reiki in our own time and way. Thank you Vicky for your continued friendship and support.”


Explore Further

Contact me to discuss Reiki Training further, and to find out and book on my next Reiki training course.