Thai Seated Massage

This ancient therapy helps to balance the energy flow of the whole body.

Thai Seated Massage differs from traditional western massage movements in the way that gentle pressure is applied in a rhythmic pattern working with the ‘SEN’ energy lines in the body. These energy lines bear similarities to the meridian energy lines in Chinese medicine. This also has links to Shiatsu, acupressure and yoga.

Manipulation and stretching techniques are applied and the treatment helps joint flexibility.

The treatment is deeply relaxing but rejuvenating to both the body and mind.

You will remain fully clothed and be seated in a specifically designed chair to ensure total comfort whilst receiving this treatment. I will be working on your upper back, arms, hands, head and face.

Benefits of Thai Seated Massage

  • Stretching of limbs to increase mobility
  • Release tension
  • Reconnect with body and sense of self
  • Releasing stagnant energy

Further Information

A Thai Seated Massage is the perfect choice of massage for you if you are looking to restore balance and harmony to your body. You can find out further information or book a session to discuss your unique circumstances and plan your tailored treatment by contacting me directly.

Each session allows for 60 minutes and costs £40.