Holistic Massage

The term Holistic describes the connection between the physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual aspect of each of us. I will consider this as I work with a holistic approach to your treatment as you receive a soothing massage in a calming environment.

Holistic Massage stimulates the body’s innate natural healing abilities to bring balance as a whole. I will soothe your autonomic nervous system by varying the depth, speed and intention involved within this therapeutic approach.

This allows for an individualised treatment that is specifically tailored to your changing needs which will vary with each visit.

A holistic approach recognises that illness, pain and dysfunction are often a result of a lack of balance within us.

This balance between our emotional, spiritual and psychological well-being enables us to stay physically well. I believe our bodies clearly communicate any imbalance within us. This allows us an opportunity to respond by tuning in and understanding the discomfort that we are experiencing, therefore, we are more likely to be able to redress the balance and ease the symptoms.

Benefits of Holistic Massage Therapy

  • Promotes healthier sleeping patterns
  • Alleviates headaches
  • Calming, soothing and reassuring to induce longer lasting relaxation
  • Stimulates your natural ability to heal
  • Releases tight muscles
  • Breaks the cycle of thoughts
  • Supports reconnection with your body

Further Information

Holistic Massage generally helps you to feel happier, lighter and more connected. You can find out further information or book a session to discuss your unique circumstances and plan your tailored treatment by contacting me directly.

Each session allows for 75 minutes and costs £40.