Lifestyle Changes and Life Coaching

Are you looking for personal development? Do you need some positive life changes? If so, then lifestyle changing sessions with me will enable transformation.

We will define your desires and I will mentor you to achieve your best life possible.


Invest in your future – Now.

‘How Did I End Up Here?’ 

Have you ever wondered this? If so then you are in exactly the right place, at exactly the right time!

I really do believe in making the most of this gift of life and I am here to help you to achieve this for yourself!

I will integrate approaches from my formal training and extensive experience as a Counsellor and Life Coach. We may choose to incorporate body work, Massage Therapy and Reiki to the overall process to release your body and mind as we progress, we can decide this together.

Reiki is really useful to release any blocks or stagnation which may prevent you achieving – you will never remain stuck!

Massage Therapy supports us to release, stretch and grow.

It is of course perfectly fine and equally as powerful to simply discuss and plan the way forward if you are not drawn towards body work.

You may come along just as you are and we will dedicate the initial session to creating a clear picture of areas to work with.

We all procrastinate at times and on occasions, we all place limiting belief on ourselves.

This simply serves to lower our energy, our driving force and inhibits our progress – When did you ever feel motivated and energised by feeling stuck, lost or confused?

                                                  CHANGE IS ALWAYS POSSIBLE AND AVAILABLE

I will take you beyond where you feel able to go, I will maintain a positive energy for us to work with and raise your vibration as you achieve your goals.


“Life is short and it is precious”
We need to make the most of this once in a life time opportunity.


Working Together

My naturally optimistic disposition, coupled with my desire to see you live your best life possible, will support and motivate you in the best way possible to achieve fantastic results.

I have worked with many people who felt baffled and disappointed by the way their life had turned out so far. I have also worked with people who fully understood how their lives developed into something so unfulfilling and uninspiring. Come along just as you are.

Factors in our life may have led us to believe that we are not worthy of a fulfilling lifestyle or that the most important thing is to earn as much money as possible despite feeling miserable each day. Often people who remain committed to something which initially suited them, now realise they have outgrown said thing but consider that it is too late to now change.

My compassionate approach combined with my ability to ask the tough questions in order to move you forward, combined with my proactive and optimistic approach will support you to achieve the positive outcome.

Are YOU Ready to Change Your Life For the Better?

I Can Help You To Help Yourself

  • Feel stuck in an outgrown career
  • Relationship stagnation
  • Need motivation
  • Require help to structure a pathway to change
  • Develop better self esteem
  • Start a business
  • Enhance your confidence
  • Learn how to manage the ego
  • Develop emotional intelligence


The fastest way to succeed is to work with a coach, mentor or role model that can help you achieve your goals much faster.

I know we have a tendency to think ‘we can do it alone’ and we may well do so, but the likelihood is that we stand a better chance of success with somebody guiding the way.

Further Information

Please contact me directly for a free telephone consultation to establish if we will work well together to enable healthy life changes for you.