Counselling comes under the umberella of Talking Therapies. I work with an integrative approach to Counselling to enhance your personal development. To help you to recover from trauma, work through the stages of grieving, to discuss any relationship issues or loss of identity.

My framework for Counselling is based on a humanistic approach which means that we will work together to help you gain clarity of your thoughts and feelings as I actively listen and talk with you.

Counselling will enhance your emotional intelligence, help to improve your mental health and maintain or enhance your resilience throughout any difficult times.

Counselling is a recognised system of training and qualifications which enables you to have a safe space to explore and work through any thoughts, fears, emotions or unhelpful patterns of behaviour.

Our perception and responses usually form at an unconscious level in our early years and these behavioural patterns become reinforced as we develop. 

I will help you to become consciously aware of your patterns and highlight any blocks to you experiencing your best life possible.

 I will support you to gain clarity of mind and raise your self awareness to enable you to make decisions which further enhance your life.

My compassionate and respectful approach will enable us to define our best way of working together, simply to support you.

I have over twenty years experience working therapeutically with people and can be relied upon to support you in a unique way to suit your personality and current emotional state.

  • Feeling stressed?
  • Lacking energy or motivation?
  • Having difficulty sleeping?
  • Confused?
  • Trying to figure out the meaning of your life?
  • Having difficulty saying ‘NO’ without explaining yourself?
  • Grieving?
  • Need support with a life change or transition?
  • Experiencing depression?
  • Feeling anxious?

What You Will Gain Through Counselling

You will trust yourself.

You will gain a greater understanding of yourself as you develop deeper insight into your personal processes.

You will develop the ability to express and assert yourself more fully without seeming defensive or aggressive.

You will naturally develop better coping strategies and healthier boundaries within your personal and professional relationships.

Your ability to communicate with others will become deeper and clearer as your understanding and relationship with yourself solidifies.

Further Benefits Include:

  • Your personal resilience will be increased
  • You will be more balanced
  • Make decisions appropriate to your needs
  • Your overall outlook will seem more positive
  • You will feel lighter and have more energy
  • Your tolerance will increase
  • Your relationships with others will improve
  • You will have clear boundaries and good self awareness

Are you in a place of discomfort, emotionally or physically?

Is your body offering signals for you to respond to?

Let the desire to make the most of your life and well-being be your motivation to commit to the process of your wellness.

Our patterns usually become established on an unconscious level in our early years and as we develop throughout adulthood we may discover that life is not what we hoped for, or we may become aware of our desire to make more of the time we have available.

Our perception is also formed early and naturally affects the way in which we experience life. We can change or enhance our filter of perception and amend our perspective in order to re direct our life towards a more fulfilling direction at any time.

The time will pass anyhow, so you could be taking each step towards a better way of ‘living’ or ‘being’ rather than the passing days rolling in to months if not years.

If today is the day to read more about this, then take a look at my Lifestyle Changes page.

The process in this area of work differs from Counselling, as it is working with a more pro-active and structured approach in order to reach the goals you desire as quickly as possible.

I can be relied upon to empower and support you to work through and achieve the life you desire.

I am always happy to discuss how we would approach a specific concern without any obligation to book so do feel free to contact me.

Further Information

If you feel stuck, lost or confused please contact me for a free telephone consultation. We all have times of overwhelm and I am happy to discuss your unique circumstances prior to booking a session. It is important that you work with a Counsellor who fits well with you, so please contact me directly.