Workplace Wellness

I provide a range of treatments and therapies which are ideal for the workplace environment. I offer seated massages to release physical tension alongside enhancing clarity of mind, to enable staff to concentrate and focus. I host on-site events to relieve stress and enhance morale in the workplace. I offer workshops to educate people about the impact of not releasing stress alongside recognising the early sympotms of accumulative stress. I run workshops to increase confidence and develop skills in assertiveness.

My skills as a Life Coach, Counsellor and Complementary Therapist can help your workforce become energised, focused and more productive. It has been proven that staff who receive complimentary therapy in the workplace are happier in their job and take less time off. By simply offing these services you improve staff morale.

My services and treatments vary as to what is required to help you to support and help your staff. My most supplied corporate offerings are listed below. However, as with all of my therapies I will tailor my services to meet your needs as an employer and for the individual, as we negotiate the specification best suited to your company or organisation.

10 Minute Seated Massage

A ten minute on-site seated massage to help improve clarity, enhance focus, to promote calm and release tension and any stress. It will lead to increased productivity in the work place and improve morale.

A ten minute chair massage is likely to have a positive impact on the team at work, as well as the potential to benefit the company as a whole.

Not only as people are better able to think more clearly when they are free from stress, but space away from their desk for a ten minute treat from the employers will enable them to think, refocus, regroup and therefore be more productive overall.

We all struggle to concentrate and focus when we feel overwhelmed or endlessly ‘caught up in the moment’ and unable to look up.

After the treatment employees will be available and more able to focus fully on their work without the distraction of feeling tense or overwhelmed.

During the treatment, employees will remain fully clothed as we focus on releasing key tension areas and pressure points in the body.

Various massage techniques may be used to release tension from the muscles of an individual’s back, neck, arms and hands.

Stress Management Workshop

A workshop geared towards defining stress and being aware of the difference between an adrenalin kick and stress. Identifying physical and behavioural symptoms – recognising changes in self and others, evaluating your stress levels, combatting and dealing with stress positively.

This workshop will enable you and your staff to deal with stress more effectively and promote good coping mechanisms to help reduce future stress and improve workplace productivity.

The workshop will cover:

Thinking strategies – the brain and understanding methods to develop rational and constructive action and thinking.

Mapping the causes and effects of stress – personal and workplace.

Identifying physical and behavioural symptoms – recognising changes in self and others, evaluating your stress levels and dealing with stress positively.

Personal strategies – identify errors in thinking, learn strategies for managing stress, neural reconditioning and developing a vision.

Personal responses – to pressure and how to develop more positive ones.

Assertiveness Training

A useful and enlighting workshop for both managers and staff in key positions which require leadership qualities and negotiation skills. This course will teach the user to lead with authority and clarity, identify needs and wants, and ask for them to be satisfied.

The training can be given to groups or individuals within an organisation and will help ensure you and staff can meet any challenges or negotiations in the workplace, head on and with authority.

The training will include:

Revealing the true meaning of assertive behaviour and learning skills to adopt these techniques and behaviours.

Being aware of the huge difference between assertive communication and aggression

Personal responses to pressure and how to develop more positive ones.

Identifying physical and behavioural symptoms to recognise changes in self and others.

Personal responses and how to develop more positive ways to communicate.

Well-Being Events

A fantastic way to reward your employees for hitting a target or meeting a deadline. My well-being events have the added bonus of helping to reduce stress and improve morale which can all lead to greater productivity moving forward.

Book either a half or full day of stress release and Ttreatments for employees to enjoy as they are made to feel good. My well-being events are for two or more employees and are tailored to requirements.

To offer some examples of treatments:

Massage Therapy

Indian Head Massage


Hand Massages

Seated Thai Massage

Reiki Healing

Acupressure Massage



Further Information

I offer a range of packages specifically tailored to cater for your organisations unique circumstances. I offer one day interactive workshops, seated massage at the office for staff or well-being events offering a range of treats to maintain high morale in the workplace.

Please contact me directly to discuss your specifications, I will be happy to help you create the perfect day for your company.